Kohli Urbach Rechtsanwälte AG Joins Aliant+

Addition represents the 22nd global location for Aliant+  Aliant+ Global Network is on five continents and in 22 countries, announces that Kohli Urbach Rechtsanwälte AG (“Kohli Urbach”), a Swiss boutique law firm, has joined. This addition widens Aliant+’s operations which already has members in the U.K., the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Africa.   With Kohli […]

Aliant+ Publishes In Bloomberg Law With Leticia Balcazar : Exploring A Hidden Tax Exemption In U.S

In a recent article published on Bloomberg Law, one of Aliant+’s esteemed experts delved into this intriguing topic, shedding light on a tax exemption tucked away in U.S. law and its potential cross-border implications. Let’s explore the key insights from this groundbreaking article and uncover the opportunities it presents for businesses worldwide. Understanding the Hidden […]

ChatGPT is Blocked by Italian Data Protection Agency

Attention all tech companies using ChatGPT ! The recent case involving ChatGPT, a platform developed and managed by US company OpenAI, is a lesson to be learned.Ensure you are compliant with GDPR requirements, especially when collecting and processing personal data of users, including minors. Garante has accused ChatGPT of illegal collection of personal data and […]

Update on ChatGPT In Italy – Until April 30th To Comply With Data Protection Requirements

Update on ChatGPT in Italy   Other countries have followed the Italian example.  Investigations and inquiries into the privacy of ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI, are spreading rapidly. Following the Italian Data Protection Authority’s findings that led to the blockage of Chat GPT in Italy, other countries have begun to investigate this software. […]