Unlocking Success: The Business Side Of Law Interview By Medium Magazine With Jacob Stein – Aliant+ USA



In a recent interview with Authority Magazine, Jacob Stein, a seasoned attorney and Globalchair of  Aliant+, shared valuable insights into the business side of law. With over two decades of experience, Stein sheds light on the key elements needed to create and lead a successful law firm.


Here are the highlights from the interview:


1. Niche Specialization: Stein emphasizes the importance of standing out in a crowded legal landscape. By niching down and specializing, attorneys can distinguish themselves and build a reputation more quickly. Stein’s own journey began as a tax lawyer, and he strategically focused on asset protection, a niche that allowed him to become a go-to expert in the field.


2. The Power of Saying No: Contrary to the fear of turning away business, saying no can be a powerful strategy. Stein advocates for saying no more often to free up time, communicate your value, and focus on high-value opportunities. This approach not only reduces stress but also allows attorneys to concentrate on the most lucrative aspects of their practice.


3. Personalized Business Development: Stein highlights that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to business development. Attorneys should identify their strengths and preferences, whether it’s through social networking, leadership positions, writing, speaking, or other means. Personalized business development helps lawyers connect with clients authentically and effectively.


4. Continuous Learning: According to Stein, the commitment to continuous learning is a hallmark of successful attorneys. He encourages lawyers to keep reading, stay informed, and educate themselves. The legal profession is dynamic, and staying ahead requires a dedication to acquiring knowledge, whether through treatises, articles, or law reviews.


5. The Art of Asking: Lawyers, often perceiving themselves solely as professionals, may hesitate to sell their services. Stein challenges this mindset, urging attorneys to recognize their roles as business and salespeople. Asking for business, when done with confidence and a genuine belief in providing value, is a crucial aspect of thriving in the legal profession.


Jacob Stein’s insights provide a roadmap for attorneys seeking not just legal success but also prosperity on the business front. By embracing niche specialization, strategic decision-making, personalized business development, continuous learning, and the art of asking, legal professionals can navigate the complexities of law firm leadership and create a thriving practice.


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