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Aliant+ is a global network of middle market law and accounting firms serving clients with significant cross-border legal, business and accounting needs. Aliant+ allows its member firms to collaborate closely, share expertise, and refer work to each other, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible advice and support, wherever they are located.


Aliant+ is not a directory of firms. We foster genuine collaboration among our members.

We do this by creating an environment for our members to sustain strong relationships and efficiently handle cross-border work together.

If international work is a part of your firm’s long-term growth plan, you will find significant referral opportunities within Aliant+.  You will also find it surprising how quickly a group of strangers will feel like family.

Each member firm of Aliant+ is carefully vetted to determine optimal fit within our network. We evaluate prospective member firms based on their cross-border expertise and scope, commitment to client service, the size of the firm, practice coverage, and the types of clients the firm represents.

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