Kohli Urbach Rechtsanwälte AG Joins Aliant+



Addition represents the 22nd global location for Aliant+ 

Aliant+ Global Network is on five continents and in 22 countries, announces that Kohli Urbach Rechtsanwälte AG (“Kohli Urbach”), a Swiss boutique law firm, has joined. This addition widens Aliant+’s operations which already has members in the U.K., the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Africa.


With Kohli Urbach’s Aliant+ member firms now have access to the Swiss legal market and will facilitate better understanding and representation in this jurisdiction. It also opens doors to opportunities in the Swiss legal landscape. Kohli Urbach will offer unique expertise and services, enriching Aliant+’s collective capabilities and allowing the network to offer a more comprehensive range of legal services to clients from all Aliant+ member firms.


Jacob Stein, chairman of Aliant+ – “We are thrilled to call Kohli Urbach a part of the Aliant+ family. Aliant+ Kohli Urbach is a highly respected and recognized firm with a bench of some of the finest lawyers practicing. Having operations on the ground in Switzerland enables us to deliver deep local legal insight and experience, supported by a global team of colleagues,” said Jacob Stein, chairman of Aliant+. “Since our founding in 2015, we’ve grown to provide services around the world to clients ranging from startups to global giants. The addition of operations in Switzerland meets the needs of many of our clients who have legal needs there.”


Dr. Guido Urbach, Aliant+ Switzerland Managing Partner: “Aliant+, boasting a vast network with numerous member firms across numerous countries, will extend Kohli Urbach’s reach, providing access to a broader spectrum of clients and markets. Moreover, aligning with Aliant+, a reputable network of law firms, will showcase Kohli Urbach as a top-tier law firm, bolstering our standing in the legal community. Finally, Aliant+’s structure promotes collaboration among member firms on cross-border matters, offering us opportunities to collaborate with other leading law firms globally “



This combination represents Aliant+’s 22nd member firm, bringing the total number of attorneys practicing under Aliant+ to 210 worldwide.