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The Hungary office is located in Budapest. The practice, led by Akos Menyhei, who has been ranked by Chambers & Partners as a first-tier HNWI advisor seven times in a row.

Renowned for upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics, Aliant-Menyhei-Molnár-B. Szabó is synonymous with excellence in Private Wealth Management & Estate Planning within the vibrant city of Budapest. Our colleagues in Hungary take pride in designing visionary solutions that make the international legal systems work their best for the clients to provide maximum protection for their assets and for the privacy of their sensitive financial and business information while achieving tax efficiency and compliance in today’s ever-changing economic, market, tax, and political environment. Beyond our specialization in Private Wealth Management & Estate Planning, our practice boasts extensive expertise in various areas, including business law, contractual and commercial Law, banking and finance law, and real estate law.

At Aliant-Menyhei-Molnár-B. Szabó, our commitment to providing legal counsel extends to both individuals and companies across the globe.


Our journey began in 1995 when Akos Menyhei founded his own law office. In 2016, he joined forces with Aliant, marking Budapest as the first international location beyond the United States. In 2023, we welcomed two distinguished legal minds, Dr. Gábor B. Szabó and Dr. Gergő Molnár, further enriching our practice. Together, we continue to serve our clients with unwavering dedication and expertise, ensuring that their legal needs are met with the utmost proficiency and care.


Office Email Address
Szépvölgyi út 6.
1st floor
1023 Budapest
Hungary, EU


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Family Business, Financial Services, Investment Management, Private Client, Taxation, Venture Capital Funds


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