AKVK Czech Republic Joins Aliant+ Global Network



Press Release 


AKVK Czech Republic Joins Aliant+ Global Network


May, 2024 – Prague, Czech Republic – Aliant+ Global Network, a prestigious alliance of independent law and accounting firms with a strong emphasis on cross-border work, is excited to announce that AKVK Czech Republic has become its newest member.


AKVK Czech Republic, known for its expertise in corporate law, commercial litigation, and international business transactions, brings significant experience and a proven track record of handling complex cross-border cases. By joining Aliant+, AKVK Czech Republic will gain access to a comprehensive range of networking opportunities, business development initiatives, and a collaborative environment designed to foster global growth.


As part of Aliant+, AKVK Czech Republic will benefit from over 65 virtual and in-person meetings annually, facilitating deep connections and mutual business referrals among members. This addition strengthens Aliant+’s presence in Central Europe and enriches the expertise available to all member firms.



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